New Employee Checklist for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The Department of Human Resources (HR) welcomes you to KU as a new Jayhawk! We hope this information helps you as a new faculty or staff member.

If you are a visiting scholar, adjunct faculty/researcher, religious advisor, or an employee of a KU affiliated corporation, you are an affiliate of the university.

New Employee Checklist

  • Your First Day (Back to top)

    1. Social Security Card: Bring your social security card to work to finalize your appointment to Human Resources.
    2. Supporting Documents/ Forms: If not already done so, complete the "required" forms in the new employee packet to finalize your appointment to Human Resources. Be sure to note on the Employee Data Sheet if you have prior State or University of Kansas service. Fines or other penalties may be issued if the required hiring documents packet is not completed by the third working day from the start of hire. Newly hired or rehired International employees (i.e., not a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien) are required to contact Central Payroll Services at 785-864-5993 to make an appointment to submit all required hiring documents. Appointments must be made within the first three business days from the start date of the appointment.
    3. KU Card: Get your KU ID card. You must go to the Kansas Union, Level 4 to get a photo and the card. Faculty may get this card in advance of their start date, other employees must wait until their first day at work.
    4. Online ID: Sign-up for your KU online ID for access to email and to the KU Portal where paycheck and leave information is provided.
    5. Parking Permit: Obtain your parking permit from KU Parking and Transit Department, near Allen Field House. Take your KU ID card with you. Know your car license tag number(s).
    6. Getting Around Campus: Here's a link to maps to help you get around the campuses and Lawrence.
    7. Equipment: Talk with your department about keys, phone, computer, and other needed equipment. All departments have a "Personnel Related Staff" (PRS) member who assists faculty/staff with HR topics. Your direct supervisor will also be of assistance.
    8. Job Expectations: Talk with your supervisor about the expectations for your job.

  • Your First Week (Back to top)

    1. Orientation: Orientation is optional for new faculty members but required for staff. New Employee Orientation is provided twice monthly in room 204, Joseph R. Pearson Hall. If you are a staff member, register for HR New Employee Orientation.
    2. Pay: Faculty and staff are paid biweekly. The pay schedule is available on the Payroll Office website. Paycheck information is provided on the "MyEmployeeInfo" tab of the myKU Portal at Academic year faculty are paid for 272 calendar days, representing the academic year. Academic year faculty can calculate their biweekly rate of pay by using the Academic Year Faculty Spreadsheet on the HR website. KU does not distribute pay over a 12 month period for academic year faculty, but some local banks provide that service.
    3. Benefits: The benefit programs available have different eligibility criteria and deadlines for enrollment. Be certain to contact Benefits (785/864-4946) for more information to ensure you do not miss your opportunity to enroll as some deadlines are within the first few days of employment. Some waivers must be requested prior to employment. For more about benefits, click here for Required Benefits Documentation At Hire as well as additional benefit documentation.
    4. Leave: Faculty/staff accrue leave at the end of each biweekly pay period, based on different rules as described on the HR website. ( Hourly staff must report daily time worked and leave taken on personally signed, biweekly timesheets provided by your department. Salaried faculty and staff must report leave taken on a biweekly basis. Contact your departmental PRS for more information about departmental procedures for reporting time worked (hourly staff) and leave taken (all faculty and staff). Leave balance information is provided on the "MyEmployeeInfo" tab of the myKU Portal.

  • Your First Month (Back to top)

    1. Other Benefits and Services: Learn about other benefits campus services, and community services.
    2. KU Mission: You can also learn about the KU mission and the KU organizational structure.
    3. Other Policies: Other important policies to review include those listed on the HR website at Policies & Resources, or the University of Kansas Policy Library.
    4. Getting to Know Campus: Campus tours are also provided free of charge by contacting Admissions or you can do virtual tours. There are a number of campus organizations that may be of interest to you. Governance organizations for faculty and staff also exist. You may also want to learn about KU history or KU facts. There is also a KU Traditions video located on Admissions web site.
    5. IT Security Training: Completion is required within 60 days of notification. The KU Information Management training program is an online non-technical tutorial on the proper handling of confidential, private or sensitive university information. The training can be done from any computer with an Internet connection, with instructions available at
    6. HealthQuest: Register for your HealthQuest Wellness Portal account and begin earning credits toward the $480 discount on your health insurance premium.

  • Annual Processes (Back to top)

    1. Conflict of Interest: applies to employee classes: unclassified professional staff, academic staff, and faculty and it is required for these employee classes if they hold a regular apointment of full-time (100%) or part-time employees by/on first day of employment. (
    2. Substantial Interest: State of Kansas statute requires this form to be filled out within 15 days of the appointment and then annually for A) All faculty members who receive an annual salary of $150,000 or more per year, and B) for any employee who holds a position: (1) Defined as a major policy making position; (2) responsible for contracting, purchasing or procurement, except persons whose sole responsibility is the purchasing of gasoline or emergency repair for a state vehicle assigned to them for their use or persons whose sole responsibility relating to purchasing or procurement includes only transactions pursuant to pre-existing state contracts; (3) responsible for writing or drafting specifications for contracts; (4) responsible for awarding grants, benefits or subsidies; or (5) responsible for inspecting or regulating any person or entity. Click here for the Guide to Filling out the Form. A paper copy of the form is available at or you may complete it electronically at HR will send out a reminder for the annual process each spring.
    3. Benefits Open Enrollment: Annually in October regular benefits eligible employees may elect changes to health insurance benefits and may enroll in flexible spending accounts. HR Benefits will send out electronic messages and will hold open enrollment informational meetings regarding changes. Benefits also provides employee assistance with entering these changes online through the State of Kansas Self Service Center website. Information is updated on the HR web site under Benefits.
    4. Salary Notice: Upon the completion and verification of the annual budget loads, HR sends out a letter to each regular unclassified faculty and staff member listing his/her official job title, compensation rate or annual rate, standard hours per week or full time equivalency. This notice will also include position specific special conditions for limited term, contingent upon funding or serve at the pleasure if applicable. This information is available for all regular employees on the myKU Portal under the MyEmployeeInfo, Compensation Information, View Appointment Information.
    5. Compensation Summary: Generally in February, a Compensation Summary for the prior calendar year is created for each regular employee. It is delivered via the myKU portal. This provides total compensation in salary and benefits. This document is not to be used for the W2. Definitions may be found at
    6. Directory: On a nightly basis the online directory is updated from data in the Human Resources/Payroll (HR/Pay) system. Annually (early September) data is extracted from the HR/Pay system and a paper directory is created. Please notify your departmental personnel related staff if you have an address or phone update or if you do not wish to have your home or mailing information printed in the annual paper directory. The online directory does not display any home or mailing address or phone.
    7. Intellectual Property: Employees should review the KU and Board of Regents Intellectual Property policy annually. Both policies are located in the University of Kansas Policy Library.
    8. Prepaid Deductions: Academic year faculty with ongoing commitments who elect to enroll in health and/or optional group life insurance coverage, will prepay their summer premiums which will be deducted in advance from their spring checks. Each spring, academic year faculty will be notified about the prepay deduction process which. Insurance premiums will be deducted to cover the summer months between academic years. Our payroll system does not allow us, in a timely manner, to differentiate between faculty who have summer appointments and those who do not. If a faculty member receives a paycheck for a summer appointment, health and/or optional group life insurance premiums will not be deducted from checks paid in June, July or August. For more information, contact Benefits at 864-4946 or