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This site provides a convenient way for University of Kansas faculty and staff to discover learning and development opportunities at KU as well as through other schools and organizations. The University of Kansas does not endorse organizations or resources not affiliated with the University. The lists are to provide additional resources for departments and employees. Departmental approval is required for attendance and funding.

Learning & Professional Development Policy Statement

KU is an environment focused on learning, growth, and excellence — not just for the students we serve, but for all of us who contribute to fulfilling KU's mission of teaching, research, and service. Ensuring an environment of continuous learning enhances excellence and is fundamental to staff morale and retention. I encourage every member of the KU community to become actively engaged by exploring avenues for your own learning and professional development. Employees are encouraged to seek the assistance of their supervisors and make use of other university resources in the pursuit of continuous education and learning. I encourage supervisors to enable employees to achieve their educational goals and to support and encourage the participation of staff members in learning opportunities as fully as possible while still maintaining an effective workplace.

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Jeffrey S. Vitter, Executive Vice Chancellor, University of Kansas

Staff Engagement and Learning & Development Council

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